Are you tired of soul-crushing rejection?


Are you tired of never getting laid?


Are you pissed you don’t have the confidence to just walk up and talk to that hot girl at the bar?


Are you tired of getting cockblocked by fat, obnoxious friends right as you’re about to pull that sexy girl home?

If any of this sounds familiar, then don’t worry.


I used to be in your shoes.


And it sucked…


Luckily, I found a solution.


A solution I’m ready to share with you…


A solution you can implement in your life to change the way you interact with women forever…


You’ll have sexy new girls in your bed whenever you want.


You’ll have girls blowing up your phone, begging to come over and swallow every last drop of cum they possibly can from your cock.


You’ll be banging so many new girls, you won’t even be able to keep their names straight.


You’ll never be afraid to walk up and talk to a girl for the rest of your life.


In fact, you’ll even have girls approaching you when you’re out…


You won’t be standing in line like a chump anymore.


You’ll be The Man.


You’ll get the ‘celebrity’ treatment when you roll up to the club.


Girls will stare at you, thinking… “damn, who is that sexy mofo?”


Even if you’re not super tall, good looking, a celebrity, or famous sports player, it won’t matter.


You’ll still be treated like an absolute BOSS.


Once you start using my ‘secrets,’ you’ll be that cool guy you used to hate.


Picture it now…


You roll up to the club, and the moment the bouncers see you, they smile wide and lift the velvet rope for you.


As you shake everyone’s hand and pass through the gates to nightlife ‘heaven,’ you smile, for the night is now yours.


You feel a cloud of jealousy wafting your way from every guy stuck in line.


You feel every girl’s eyes burn into your back as you walk in, hoping to find you, the suave, sexy stranger, as soon as they’re inside…


Once you’re in, you own the place.


You’re an absolute savage, with killer style and earth-shattering confidence.


There’s a line inside, but your bartender has your favorite drink chilled and waiting for you.


You take a casual swig and laugh to yourself, for the night is truly yours to conquer.


In no time at all, you pull the hottest girl inside and make it look absolutely effortless…


Later in the night, after you’ve safely parked a kingly load deep inside her tight, wet pussy, you smile to yourself again.


You’re the happiest guy alive.


You’re no longer just a ‘guy’ though.


Now, you’re a savage, masculine MAN with the entire world at his fingertips…


Before I spill the beans, let me be honest with you.


I wasn’t always the suave, savage playboy I am now…


In fact, I used to be an absolute loser.


I was terrified of approaching girls.


I had no confidence.


I was skinny-fat.


I had no style.


I was lonely.


I was weak.


I was nothing.


Several years ago, I decided enough was enough.


I was frustrated with mainstream advice on getting girls, because it never worked.


All it did was leave me crushed, friend-zoned, and blue-balled.


I ignored the garbage advice and resolved to figure it all out on my own.


I went out almost every night, absolutely determined to learn the secrets to ‘the game.’


Finally, something clicked.


I found what worked and what didn’t.


I felt like I had cracked some sort of code…


Women started noticing me.


Women started talking to me.


And of course, women started fucking me.


Crazy how that works huh.


All jokes aside, it took me years of trial and error, scores of failure, and soul-crushing heartbreak before I finally learned the truth….


I began to understand myself as a man and as a result, I began to understand women.


I understood what attracted them, what turned them on, and what kept them around.


As great as that sounds, it took me a TON of time to learn it all.


If I could take everything I know now, put it into a book, go back in time and give it to my younger self, it would have been life-changing…


It would have saved me years of scrambling around with women.


I’d have known EXACTLY what worked at the start and ditched everything that didn’t.


But, time travel doesn’t exist.


I can’t change what happened in my past, and I’m not worried about my future.


Instead, I’m going to help you.


I’m going to help you the way I wish I had gotten help years ago…


I combined absolutely everything I know about women, mindset, health, and life itself into an all-encompassing book.


A book that will save you time, money, and sanity…


A book that will help you avoid my many, many mistakes…


A book that will help and guide you towards tremendous success with women…


Without further ado, allow me to introduce you to…

Updated Cover Image

Savage Masculinity

The Ultimate Guide To

Conquering Nightlife

At long last, it’s finally here.


A book that is truly ‘required reading’ for the next generation of playboys.


Here are some powerful things you’ll find inside this book…


  • How to develop an indomitable mindset and earth-shattering confidence…

  • ONE thing that’s destroying your chances with women, and how to instantly fix it…

  • The mindset ‘switch’ you need to start moving through life as a BOSS, commanding the respect and attraction of men and women alike…

Honestly, this information alone will save you from years of failure, help you avoid the dreaded friend-zone, and spare you from painful, gut-wrenching heartbreak.


But, I’m giving you much, much more than that today.


Inside the book, you’ll also discover…


  • The strongest thing you can implement in your game to develop powerful presence literally overnight…

  • How to create ‘UNFAIR’ advantages in your life to give yourself an edge over everyone else…

  • My exact style guide you can ‘steal’ from me to improve your appearance instantly…

  • The optimal workouts to do and foods to eat that will keep you strong, healthy, and ready to deposit massive loads down a girl’s throat whenever you need to…

  • The best grooming ‘secrets’ I’ve been using for years that will elevate your looks and help you stand out as good-looking, even if you’re not traditionally handsome…

  • The easiest ways to deal with cockblocking, and in some cases, how to stop it before it even happens…

  • The perfect response whenever a girl says “we’re not having sex tonight” that will have her ripping her own clothes off to fuck you…

  • Savage ways to fuck her so well she becomes ‘addicted’ to your cock and keeps coming back for more…

  • The smartest thing you can do after you’ve had sex with a girl that will give you insight into the female brain and elevate your game even higher…

  • And an absolute shit-ton more…

Now, let me ask you something…


How much would all this information be worth to you?


To permanently unfuck your dynamics with women…


To destroy the ‘squid’ deep within your soul and reemerge from the ashes as an absolute Savage…


To transform yourself into a charming, successful MAN and start banging scores of sexy, feminine women across the globe…


How much would all that juicy knowledge be worth to you?








How about $50?


Well, I’m not even charging you close to that.


In fact, I’m giving you this life-changing solution today for only…




If you’re tired of sitting at home watching porn when you know you should be burying your cock into a tight, wet pussy instead…


Then ‘Savage Masculinity’ is the only solution.

Here are 7 killer bonus sections you’ll also discover inside…


Bonus 1) How to Get Venues ‘On-Lock’


In-depth breakdown and schedule to follow for getting your favorite bars/clubs locked down so you get the ‘celebrity’ treatment whenever you go out.


Bonus 2) Night Game for Introverts


Tips and advice for getting out of your head and being fully present in the moment, along with the best venues to hit to get in the right mindset for rolling out.


Bonus 3) Day Game


The best spots to meet girls during the day, how to approach, and more…


Bonus 4) Party Game


My best advice for getting laid at parties. Pretty self-explanatory.


Bonus 5) Wingman Game


How to find a good wingman, as well as how to best work with each other to swoop a shit-ton of sexy ass girls.


Bonus 6) Nightlife Stories and Breakdowns


Detailed breakdowns of some of my personal nights out. I break down exactly what I did, what I said, and why it all worked.


Bonus 7) Film & TV Show Characters to Emulate


In my not-so-humble opinion, this section includes some of the best films and TV shows that men should watch, as they include great characters you can emulate savage masculinity from.


I’ve also included my in-depth breakdowns of some of the characters to help you shorten your learning curve.


Ready to start swooping some sexy ass girls?

Still skeptical?


See what others have to say about the book…


“Vlad is one of the few guys who really ‘gets it’ when it comes to getting girls. He understands that there are multiple angles and approaches you can use to get laid and really crush nightlife. Most importantly, Vlad walks his talk. In an age of internet fakers and phonies, it’s rare to find a guy who is the real deal. Vlad is that guy, and he is the real fuckin’ deal. If you want to 10X, 20X, or even 100X your game – you need to get Savage Masculinity right now. Don’t be a little bitch.”

– Media Conquistador (


“Vlad is a man of extremely high standards and it shows in Savage Masculinity. In 2018 I read his preliminary work, 10 Rules to Conquer the Night, and I was blown away at the sheer quality from a free product. When I first read Savage Masculinity, my expectations were yet again smashed out of the park. Vlad never fails to impress in his quality of writing, depth of content and pure actionable advice. Whether you are a complete newbie or been in the game a while, Savage Masculinity is worth 10x the price Vlad is charging.”

– Rubirosa Jr. (Twitter @rubirosajunior)


“I read thru Vlad’s new ebook once and used his free guide a while ago, and I can guarantee you will have, at worst, a strong mindset change that women will notice and absolutely love. At best? A whole new level of game and women who are loyal to you and only you.”

– Andy (



If you’re ready to elevate your life, transform yourself into a savage, masculine man and start swooping some sexy fuckin’ women…


Then your choice is clear.

Frequently Asked Questions –


Got a question? I have an answer for you…


What payment methods do you accept?


Either Paypal or Credit/Debit card (processed via Stripe).


Is my privacy and payment data protected?


Yes, payments are processed and encrypted through either Paypal or Stripe, depending on which method you choose.


Can I read the book on any device?


Yes, the book is delivered as a PDF that you can access and read from anywhere. It works on any desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile device.



When will I get my product?


Immediately. You’ll be able to download it then and there after purchasing, and you’ll also get an email with the download link.


So, if you’re tired of standing alone at the bar with your dick in your hands because you have no idea how to get girls…


Then it’s time for you to fix that.